More Ways To Memorialise A Loved One

If you have recently lost someone you love, navigating your way through the grief can be very difficult. However, finding a way to create a personal and lasting memorial can help you manage your feelings.

In our last blog, we talked about ways you can memorialise a loved one (and if you missed that, you can see it here Since writing that blog, a number of people have let us know of other ways to create a lasting memorial, so we thought we would share them with you.

Create a Playlist

Music choice is very personal and, especially if you have shared your life with someone, you probably have a number of songs that remind you of places you have been, events attended or just your lives together. Why not create a playlist of all these songs which can you can play to help improve your mood when you are feeling down?

Take a Trip

Consider returning to places you have visited together or even going somewhere you always talked about but never actually got around to going. Travelling will get you out of your normal routine and give you some space to heal. If you have ashes to scatter, this might be the perfect time.

Make a Coffee Table Photo Book

It’s surprisingly easy to create a professional looking, hardbacked photograph book from the comfort of your own home. Simply choose the photographs you want to use, upload them to your chosen provider and then organise your photos how you want to see them. For example, you could start at the beginning of a person’s life or you could organise the photos by topic such as holidays, children and pets.

Even if some of your original photos are not digital or have been damaged, these can be retouched and then scanned to your computer for uploading.

Have an Annual Day of Celebration

Many cultures from the around the world take a day every year to commemorate the people they have lost.  

In many Latin American countries, such as Mexico, their version of this is called ‘Day of the Dead’ (Día de Muertos), which is held each year on November 2nd. The day is also a national holiday in Mexico and focuses on gatherings of family and friends who join together to pray to remember the loss of loved ones who have died.

The Greek way of marking a death doesn’t stop at the funeral.  They hold services to remember the lost one on the 40th day and annually thereafter.

Why don’t you create a special day each year where you can get together with family and friends to remember and honour your loved one?


The best way to memorialise a loved one is to live your life to the full. Honour their memory by creating new ones of your own.

One of the most common ways to memorialising a loved one is, of course, the headstone. If you decide to opt for a headstone, our headstone insurance team at UK Special Risks are ready to help make sure that the gravestone remains in good repair and a fitting memorial to a loved one. For questions about headstone insurance, please visit our website or call 01634 862525 and one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your insurance requirements.